"MICHELIN Multi-Life" is the result of a comprehensive approach starting from tyre conception and design, and integrated at every stage of manufacturing and testing process. MICHELIN Multi-Life Tyres and Services provide you the highest standards of reliability at every stage of tyre life, new, regroove and retread.

A Green Solution

Regrooving is carried out at a time when the original tread depth has 3 to 4 mm. remaining and the tyre is normally removed. Regrooving restores tread depth thus providing up to 25% more kilometers.


Michelin Technology, developed by Michelin Research Centers in Europe, North America and Asia, provides the best casing endurance and the highest level of safety to our customers.

Michelin Multi-Life Solution

Scenario 1
New Tyre Only (One Life)
Total Life 100% Total Cost 100%
Cost per kilometer : 1.00
Scenario 2
One Regroove + One MICHELIN Retread
Total Life 215% Total Cost 155%
Cost per kilometer : 0.72
Scenario 3
Two MICHELIN Retread
Total Life 280% Total Cost 200%
Cost per kilometer : 0.71
Scenario 4
Total Life 305% Total Cost 205%
Cost per kilometer : 0.67


MICHELIN Truck and Bus Tyres are engineered for Multi-Life = Regroovable and Retreadable!

More Mileage: save 1 tyre every 4 !!

Regrooving is carried out at a time when the original tread depth has 3 to 4 mm. remaining and the tyre is normally removed. Regrooving restores tread depth thus providing up to 25% more kilometers.,

More Safety through grip regeneration!

Regrooving significantly renews the grip of the tyre through the regeneration of the groove up to 4 mm. beyond the original bottom of the groove.

Less Fuel Consumption and less CO2 emissions

Regrooving is carried out in the phase when the tyre has the lowest rolling resistance due to higher rigidity of the shallow tread pattern, and Low Rolling Resistance means increased Fuel Efficiency.

Less Raw Materials Consumption to preserve the environment

By adding only 5% additional rubber volume when the tyre is new, a MICHELIN Regroovable truck and bus tyre will add up to 25% more kilometres which creates a 16% reduction in raw materials when compared to non-regroovable tyres.


MICHELIN Retread, just Like New.

MICHELIN retread on a MICHELIN casing can deliver up to 90% of new tyre performance at a fraction of the cost. MICHELIN Retreading provides technical expertise to re-manufacture your casing to compliment your Multi-Life strategy.

     Reduce tyre expense !


     Reduced consumption of raw materials


Premium performance that lasts longer, reduces cost per kilometer, reduces fuel consumption compared with standard retread offers.


Reliable & Secure

80 years of retreading experience, Michelin process & premium quality, rigorous casing inspection, repair operations, similar tread rubber compound to new, lower running temperature of Michelin Retreads.


Environmentally friendly

Reduces number of scrap tyres by re-using the casing for multiple tread lives, less CO2 emissions thanks to lower rolling resistance, complies with regulations on the use of aromatic oils.


Michelin 80 Years Of Retreading Experience And Innovation

Why...trust anyone else than Michelin for your retread?

When it comes to tyres, the name Michelin is synonymous with premium quality. The Michelin Cold Retread Process is a premium system that exclusively uses Michelin raw materials combined with state-of-the-art technology to create the longest wearing retreads available.


Getting Started

Safety Rules for Tyre Repair

  • Always observe the country-specific regulations on the repair of pneumatic tyres.
  • Follow the step by step procedures in this manual to achieve a safe, quality tyre repair.
  • Only qualified and trained personnel should perform tyre repair.
  • Proper personal safety gear should be worn when performing tyre repair e.g. safety glasses, gloves, face mask, proper clothing.
  • Repair products and materials used should be from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility in the curing process.
  • Never inflate a tyre that displays signs of heat damage or has indication of run flat1.

Nail Hole Repair Tools

Tools for Inspection

  1. Tyre Marker
  2. External Circlip Pliers
  3. Probing Awl
  4. Gloves
  5. Safety Glasses
  6. Steel Ruler
  7. Michelin Repair Template

Tools for Repair

  1. Inner Liner Scraper
  2. Low Speed Buffer (2,500 - 5,000 rpm)
  3. Adapter For Carbide Mill Cutter
  4. Carbide Mill Cutter (6, 8 & 10 mm)
  5. 36 Grit Dome Rasp

  1. Rotary Wire Brush
  2. Spiral Cementing Tool
  3. Pulling Wire
  4. Knife
  5. Combination Pliers
  6. Diagonal Cutters
  7. Shop Vacuum
  8. Stitcher

Nail Hole Repair Template

Nail Hole Limitation Chart

1 Repairable Area

( 80% Overall Tread Width )
Maximum repairable nail hole diameter is 10 mm.*
All injuries larger than 10 mm or outside the
specified T-T area, must be treated as a section repair.

2 Restricted Repair Area

( *70% Overall Tread Width )
Apply When 10 mm Diameter Repairs Are Made

3 Shoulder Area

≃ 25 – 40 mm (Tyre size dependant)

4 Sidewall Area!

Consult your MICHELIN Dealer or your MICHELIN Representative.

5 Bead Area

75 mm from bead toe for both internal and external.